We all know that we always can’t afford to change the entire tool set once it wears out or doesn't perform well. It has to have accessories that can be fit once there are such instances to the tools. At Eden Gardening we have a spare blade for lopper and also spare blade for secateurs with the whole set of springs and holders. They are not only affordable but also are extremely high in quality and come with a discounted price tag.

  • Spare Blade for Lopper

    High Carbon steel Blade Coated with Teflon.Great resistance to abrasion and rust.

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price £9.99

  • Spare Blade for Secateur

    Great resistance to abrasion and rustHigh Carbon steel Blade Coated with Teflon How to replace a blade:Removing the old bladeOpen the secateur by pushing the safety pin.Using a flat tool unhook the cir-clip (A)Use the provided Alan key to remove the screw (B).The spring might need replacing.…

    Regular Price: £10.00

    Special Price £7.99

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