Essentials Tools for Tree Care

Gardening and tree care are fun. Many people take them up as a hobby, but it is a potentially dangerous endeavour. It requires skills, a good understanding of trees' physics and biology, and access to all the essential tools for tree care. All these things combined can help keep your landscape lush green and beautiful and promote proper tree growth and health.

So, as you learn the skills and understand the science behind gardening and tree growth, equip yourself with the right tools. Shop with Eden Garden Equipment to access the tools you need to get started. By having the right tools in your hand, you can make the gardening task more comfortable and quicker to perform. In addition to this, not only can the right tools save you energy and time but also ensure healthy and strong trees—free of any damage caused by poor or improper cutting and trimming.

Tree care is crucial also because unwieldy and overgrown tree branches can lower the aesthetics of your home. Large branches can put your safety at risk as they can crack and fall, injuring people or damaging the property. But with proper pruning, you can ensure that the trees grow in a particular configuration of limbs and branches that are more ideal for the structural integrity of the tree and the safety of people and your property. Furthermore, maintaining the tree structure helps mitigate the risk of falling branches and broken limbs.

Proper tree care is also encouraged because sometimes dead as well as diseased branches can make the tree unhealthy, and eventually, you may have to remove it. However, with the best tools and right care, you can save your tree and keep it growing for years. To ensure the best tree trimming and proper care, you need more than a pair of scissors.

Telescopic tree pruner

So, here are some of the essential tools for proper tree grooming and maintenance. Take a look:

  • Telescopic Tree Pruner

Pruning is repetitive and hard work; thus, trying to take too big a bite with ordinary tools will increase your frustration and weariness and shorten your tool's life. For this task, you must invest in high quality and functional tree pruner like our telescopic tree pruner.

Our telescopic tree pruner can cut twigs up to 45mm and young shoots that are otherwise hard to reach without using a ladder. It features an optimized cutting head that has a 6 metres reach. This means that you don't need to stand on the ladder and trim or cut the tops of the trees. If you're wondering then who will remove the cut-off branches from the tree crown, then don't worry. This telescopic pruner features an adjustable shaft and an internal cable pull system that cuts, cleans, and removes cut-off branches with the utmost ease.

Another great feature that we'd like to highlight here about this must-have tool is its two-way cutting operation with a turbo saw. This spares you from frequently stopping to change tools and use hand or chainsaw, move cut branches, and perform a serious trimming tree job. The 45cm turbo saw features unique teeth that are excellent for trimming large branches as big as 65mm of diameter.

  • Loppers

This is another essential tool and a must-have to ensure quality tree care, especially if you are pruning nut trees or fruit trees. What makes them a must-have tool in the kit is that with loppers, you can easily manoeuvre into cramped spaces, and cut through branches that are more than an inch thick. With loppers at your disposal, you can complete tree trimming projects fast and efficiently.

Telescopic Tree Pruner

The two types of loppers worthy of investment are telescopic lopper and mid-size lopper. As the name suggests, telescopic lopper has extendable handles, thus making it simple, quick, and easy for you to prune any wet or dry deadwood as far as two metres and half. It also has an ergonomic grip, which makes it easy to hold and has no strain on your hands, shoulders, or wrists. Apart from that, when you shop for telescopic loppers at our store, you can get access to a lopper with ratchet action that extends maximum power, thereby allowing you to cut in powerfully for more exceptional performance. Also, the high carbon steel blade coated with Teflon makes it simple to cut tough deadwood.

Likewise, our mid-size lopper is equally functional. It will make a great addition in your tree tool kit if you want a practical yet a handy lopper and if you're not looking to trim trees that are too high and hard to reach. But more importantly, its medium size and light-weight make it the best choice to access between the branches and get the cutting job done to perfection.

  • Shears

When it comes to keeping trees trim and healthy, you can't achieve it without a pair of shears. Shears are small pruning tools that fit comfortably in the palm. They are necessary for trimming tiny tree branches and seedling trees that often grow in unsuitable locations. Reserve them for cutting small, dry, and dead twigs and small branches.

So, shop at our online gardening store now and find the best tools today essential for tree care and growth. We offer high-quality tools at economical prices. Our tools are functional, user-friendly, and affordable. Furthermore, we also offer packs featuring 2 to 3 different tools available at competitive rates. Browse through our tools and pack offers today. Make your pick now!