Whether you’re a novice gardener or an experienced horticulturalist, there is one thing that you can’t do without, and that is a good pair of secateurs. This garden tool is worth the investment as it helps keep lawns well-maintained, and in tip-top condition.

Also known as pruning shears or hand pruners, they are a type of scissors that are used to cut plant stems and twigs. They are a must have, especially during the time of the year when roots, tendrils, and shoots start to burst into life, and thrust forth at a fast rate. If not pruned and left to roam, these free range foliage can transform your beautiful garden into an unsightly landscape in a few weeks. Therefore, you must keep a good pair of secateurs at your disposal to prune plants before they become unmanageable. Besides this, pruning also promotes plant growth as well as restricts the size of unruly plants. But it all comes down to the performance and quality of your secateurs. 

If you are looking for a good pair of secateurs for pruning your garden, then this post is a must read. We researched for you to help you find the best secateurs for gardening, and features to look for. Read on to learn about them in detail. 

Secateur—Which is the Best Type? 

Here are the two popular and the best types of secateurs in the market that are worth investing both in terms of performance and functionality:

  • Anvil Secateurs 

As the name suggests, this type of secateur cuts like a hammer hits an anvil. It is deployed with a sharp blade that cuts into the anvil. This motion can be best described as a knife being used on a chopping board. 

They are the right choice when you want to cut through deadwood or large branches. With these in your hands, you can cut with more power. 

  • Ratchet Secateurs

They are great hand tools for people who love gardening but have arthritis. They are also a good option for those who find cutting with regular secateurs difficult. Ratchet secateurs are available in both bypass and anvil design. With these in hand, you can breakdown each cut into several steps. This provides easy motion.

Features to look when choosing the best secateurs

No secateur is designed equal. Some are better than others. When looking for the best secateur in the market, here are some features that you must consider to evaluate and compare your options to narrow down your choices and make your pick. 

  • The diameter of the blade

Depending on the type and size of secateurs, the blade cutting diameter can vary between 10 and 30mm. Please note, that this in reference to the largest length. So, the cutting diameter will be smaller for a small pair of secateurs. Therefore, if you want to cut thick shrubbery, then the diameter of the blades is a crucial factor that you must consider. Ideally, a 25mm diameter offers superb cutting efficiency.


  • Weight of the Secateurs 

This is also variable. However, in general, they weigh somewhere around 100g to 400g. If you’re looking for a pair of secateurs for fine pruning and daily use, then opt for a lighter one. With a light pair of secateurs, you can work around your garden for long hours and without feeling fatigued or pain in your hands. However, if you want robust secateurs, then a heavier model may be your best bet. 

  • Carbon Steel Blades 

To cut through with finesse and precision, secateurs with a high carbon steel blade and coated with Teflon are simply outstanding. They offer excellent cutting power and needless to say, offer clean cutting with incredible precision. 

  • Ergonomic Design 

As gardening is a laborious task and can take a lot of time, it is always wise to invest in a pair of secateurs that has an ergonomic design. This prevents muscle sprain and strain. You can use it smoothly, hold it in your hands comfortably, and work with ease. Also, when shopping for secateurs with an ergonomic design, make sure that they have an anti-slip rubber grip. The rubber grip ensures that you hold on to secateurs tightly and perform the job around your garden with accuracy. 

  • Replaceable Springs and Blades 

If you’re looking for an onetime investment, then opt for secateurs that have replaceable springs and blades. With such secateurs, you can easily replace the necessary parts instead of buying the pair again.

  • Multi-Task Secateurs

Another great feature that many gardeners love and you would too is the multi-task aspect. Some secateurs come with this amazing feature, which allows users to perform a variety of tasks with this simple gardening equipment. That’s right; a multi-task pair of secateurs is a powerful tool. You can use it to carry out numerous tasks in and around your garden with the utmost ease. For example, with a multi-task secateur, you can cut trees, shape shrubs and hedges, and even trim them down. 

Other features that you can look for include cushioned handles for added comfort, integrated oil sponge for blade lubrication after use, and revolving handles that rotate with you as you grip and move your hands.

Although you won’t be able to find a pair with all the above listed features, therefore, it is recommended that you prioritize the features that you want and then do some legwork to find the right one accordingly. 

However, if you don’t have much time to invest and spare in research, don’t worry. We have the perfect pair of secateurs for you that are designed for performance and easy to use. Shop with us!