There are various creative ways which you can use to turn your garden into a beautiful natural haven. However, a serious gardener knows that the challenge is to maintain the state of your garden in the long run. For these purposes, one of the most important things is to have a wide range of garden equipment that do their respective jobs properly.

If you are passionate about gardening, then there are a number of tools you can use, but one of the most invaluable of these tools are gardening sheers.

Also known as pruning shears, pruning scissors or garden clippers, these are very important if we talk about maintenance. Anyone who handles any kind of plants or trees, whether they are big or small, needs to have a set of high quality gardening shears. This simple looking hand tool makes maintaining your outdoor space feel like a breeze. Additionally, gardening sheers also help you get more creative with your plants.

What Are Gardening Shears?

The simple use of gardening shears is to cut branches and stems up to about ¾ inch or 2 cm in diameter. It is a bad idea to use these on larger branches, as they can damage the blades; a completely different tool is required for that job.

Although gardening sheers come in various models and sizes, there are three basic types that they come down to.

·      Bypass Shears

These work a lot like scissors, but with curved blades. The lower blade of the shear works like a hook to hold the branch in place to prevent it from sliding, while the upper sharp blade of the spears cuts through the branch. These are usually used when the gardener’s objective is to slice through cleanly without damaging the rest of the branch.

·      Anvil Shears

These have a flat lower blade that works like a board, and a sharp upper blade on the side. Using these shears to cut branches is a lot like using a knife on a cutting board. The most common use of these shears is to cut up dead plants or parts in a plant that are intended to be removed.

·      Parrot-Beak Pruners

These kind of shears have two concave blades. The stem is trapped between the two blades in order to make a clean cut. This is a small type of shear that is usually used on flowers and narrow stems.

Uses of Gardening Shears

Although the most obvious use of gardening sheers is to cut plants and stems, they can be used for a whole range of gardening purposes. These hand tools can also be used as beautification tools which are used to enhance the attractiveness of your plants as well as the aesthetics of your garden and outdoor space.

There are a number of ways you can use these gardening shears.

·      Learning Basic Arboriculture

If you want to discover more about nature, then learning the basics of arboriculture may be a good place to start. The study of trees, vines, shrubs and other woody plants as well as their management and cultivation is all included in arboriculture. Learning arboriculture means studying these types of plants as well as their growth and response to cultural practices in their environment.

Anvil garden shears can be huge help, especially while working with thick vines. Certain woody plants can be pruned to be maintained for landscaping purposes in your own garden or even a community park. It is a cultural technique, and by learning it, you can prune certain kinds of plants to enhance their amenity purposes for various uses.

·      Create a Bonsai for Décor

Whether you want to decorate your indoor or outdoor space, a bonsai is the ideal way to go. If you want to have it as inside décor, then one bonsai is more than enough to catch everyone’s attention. However, outside, you will need a lot more, especially if you have a lot of unpruned plants in your garden. A good way to make your bonsai stand out is to create a mini bonsai area.

Turning a tree into a bonsai isn’t that hard and can be much faster than you would think. Provided that you have a pruning shear that is suitable for those purpose. There are even shears that are especially designed for the purpose of cutting a bonsai, but any small gardening shear can work if you know how to use it.

·      Learning a New Hobby, Like Ikebana

In Japanese, ikebana is a term used for flower arrangement. It is its own art discipline, and learning the art is thought to be a dignified accomplishment. Japanese generals practiced this hobby in order to calm their minds which helped them make better decisions in battles.

So instead of just having various kinds of flowers in your garden, be mindful about what you plant for the purpose of sharing its beauty as well. For these purposes, you will need a gardening shear set that has at least one of the three kinds of gardening shears. Each of the shears will have a different purpose as you design a number of flower arrangements to create a beautiful garden that will also help calm your mind. Since ikebana also uses other natural elements aside from flowers, having a set of gardening shears will help you work with anything that you need to.

Use Gardening Shears to Garden Your Stress Away

In this fast paced world, gardening can be just the break you need in order to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. In fact, gardening has actually been proven by scientists to have a calming effect on people who treat it like a serious hobby. In addition to that, just looking at the beautiful flowers can make you happier in general.

So if you want to reap these benefits as well, buy a set of gardening shears and start getting down and dirty in order to become an overall happier person.