Gardens, apart from making your place look beautiful, has a lot more benefits. Looking after a garden helps in boosting your mood, reduce stress, helps to fight diseases, gets you the right amount of vitamin D, helps cope with loneliness and even nurtures human connections. But the success or failure of gardening is significantly dependant on the types of gardening tools being used; whether your planting seeds, bulbs, plants or shrubs having the right gardening tools is essential because gardening in itself is a delicate operation.

How To Choose The Best Garden Hand Tools

'Buy it right and buy it once' they say, therefore choosing the right quality products is more important. So, before we start looking into the types of garden hand tools and their uses, we will see what are the things you have to look for, before buying a tool for gardening.

  • The blades that are used should be sturdy and thick.
  • The handle should be firm and robust.
  • The place where most of the tools fail is at the connection of the handle and the blade. Therefore, make sure that the connecting point is strong and intact.

There are a wide range of garden hand tools available in the market, but we will see in detail about the most useful and widely used types of gardening tools.

Types Of Garden Hand Tools

Gardening needs time and a lot of hard work, but with the right tools, you will make fewer mistakes, and reap your garden's rewards a lot sooner.

Hand Trowel

These are pretty standard everywhere and are a very useful tool for gardeners. It is a perfect tool for shallow digging. They are brilliant for digging holes in the soil for gardening plants. These also help in unearthing things, filling up gaps and managing borders. It is easy to use, as it is small and handy. It is a must-have tool, especially for beginners and urban gardeners. This tool also makes transporting plants from your vegetable garden easier.

Garden Knife

It is a versatile tool. This tool is ideal for cutting and trimming strings of fruits and vegetables as well as weedling. The Hori Hori garden knife is popular among gardeners. Apart from serving its purpose as a knife, it can also be used as a digging tool or measuring device for planting bulbs.


It is a great tool that helps in removing weeds from the root. It makes the work of eliminating thick roots and weeds which are tenacious, very simple. Even dandelions which have long taproots can be uprooted with ease by using this equipment. With this, you can go close to the plant, push the tool down and at the bottom trap the root of the plant to snap it out. There are a great range of weeders available, taproot weeder for plants with thick and long rhizomes, fishtail weeder for removing the small weeds from the soil, cape cod weeder for scraping out the weeds between cracks and stones in the pavement. 


Cultivation of the soil is one of the essential processes in gardening. As there are always weed seeds lying dormant in the land; the more you cultivate them, the more chance that the weeds do not have the opportunity to germinate and grow. This tool is quite handy, especially when the seedlings of the weed are tiny. Moreover, it breaks up and mixes the soil before the plants are placed. As it is forked and a little long it helps in getting in and amongst plants, even places which cannot be easily accessed by hands.

Some cultivators come with a flat surface on the other side, which helps in breaking the clumps in the soil. Otherwise, the clusters may hinder the growth of the plants.

Hand Rake

Hand rake does a similar job to that of a cultivator, and it helps in loosening the top layer of soil. And also serves to clean the garden space, even in between plants without harming them. Therefore it can be used to soften the soil in a raised bed, before sowing any seed. This tool can also be used to get a nice, even tilth. And on the reverse side, there is a drill, which can be used to get a little trench to sow your seeds. 


These are designed for poking holes in the soil to place the plants. You can make really big and deep holes for planting bulbs, as well as make small holes for seeds that have to be planted singularly.

Bulb Planter

By using this hand tool, you get perfect holes every time. From prepared beds, it lifts out a perfectly sized plug of soil, which allows a place for planting bulbs. After the bulb is placed, the same soil can be put back to fill and cover the hole.

Garden Gloves

Though it is mostly underestimated and not used widely, this is also a piece of the vital equipment in gardening. Garden gloves protect your hands from dirt and injury. These also play an important role in guarding your hands and wrists against splinters, scratches and scrapes. It helps a lot when dealing with thorny branches, plants and tools.

Shears And Pruners

Pruning is an essential part of gardening. As a result of this process, we can get rid of sick plants and promote plant growth. These hand shears help in the trimming of branches in small plants and loppers have farther reach and can be used on taller branches.


As we have discussed, there is a wide range of gardening tools. So, if you are a hobby gardener or someone interested in growing plants, choosing the right tools will help in making gardening much more comfortable and fun. The garden hand tools will help you start on your gardening venture. So, stop waiting and start digging!