If you’ve always been fascinated by gardening but haven’t tried it because of the lack of knowledge. Let’s say that today is your lucky day as we spill the seeds on the essential things that everyone should know about gardening so that it is super easy for you to get started.

Gardening is for Everyone

Regardless of where you live, the space you have, or who you are, you can indulge in and experience the joy of gardening. There is a form of gardening that will suit you. This means that beautiful gardens can be created anywhere by passionate gardeners. And if you plant vegetables, then you can have the bonus of eating your organic harvest. Isn’t that great?

Prepare the Soil For Best Results

First things first, gardening begins with finding the right space. Choose the right spot in your home. Once you select the spot, dig in. Use a digging spade, bow rake, and a secateur to remove weeds and grass and loosen the soil. Make sure to pull out sticks, rocks, and other matter until you have loamy soil. This is a combination of sandy and clay soil.

A digging spade and bow rake will come in handy as you will have to dig about six to eight inches into the soil to get loose and dry soil. For best results, we advise gardeners to use additives like peat moss, compost, and manure. This will enrich the soil with nutrients and make it perfect for plants to grow and blossom.

The right type of soil is critical to a beautiful and thriving garden. Soil is a living organism responsible for nurturing plants and fruit trees.

Not All Plants Are Created Equal

Everybody knows that plants need sunlight, but most of us don’t know that there are plants for every degree of light. So, we recommend gardeners to buy plants accordingly. For example, if your garden gets more than six hours of sunlight daily, you can plant flowers and vegetables. But if your garden gets sun in the morning and only shade in the afternoon, then consider buying plants that do well in partial shade. Does some legwork on which plants prefer shady conditions if you have less light available. This will help you make the best selection of plants that can grow and thrive in your space even if there is less light.

Trees Need More Care Than Small Plants

If you have a big space for gardening, then you’re likely to grow trees. Whether they are shrub trees or fruit trees, remember that they need more care than smaller plants. Trees can accentuate and enhance the visual appeal of your garden dramatically. Fresh, green, and well-trimmed trees offer a pleasant sight and can instantly lighten your mood.

When it comes to taking care of the trees, you must make sure that you invest in a Telescopic Tree Pruner and a Telescopic Lopper. These garden tools are must-haves. Here’s why:

o   Telescopic Lopper

The extendable handles of a telescopic lopper help prune any kind of wood—dry or wet deadwood. It can extend up to two meters and a half, which makes it easy for gardeners to prune comfortably even in trying to reach places of a tree. The ratchet lopper action helps prune with superb power and excellent precision. With this lopper, you can ensure clean and smooth cuts.

o   Telescopic Tree Pruner

Likewise, a tree pruner is vital for cutting twigs up to 45mm in young shoots and treetops. This pruner features an optimized cutting head that reaches six meters, which allows you to cut and trim the tops with the utmost ease. A combination of internal cable pull system, adjustable shaft, and non-stick effect Teflon blade contribute to seamless and effortless cutting. With this, you can cut off branches from the tree crown.

In addition to this, its two-way cutting operation with a turbo saw cuts 35mm branches while 45cm turbo saw is perfect for trimming large branches of 65mm of diameter.

Water is Important but How You Water Can Make a Difference

Just like humans need oxygen, plants need water, but the amount of water they receive can significantly impact their growth. The right amount of water can keep plants from wilting in the heat during summer. 

Although there are no hard and fast rules, watering plants is a judgment call that largely depends on the plant type, the weather, time of the year, and the soil. However, it’s crucial to understand that watering is of zero value if it runs down from the root ball and leaves the roots at the core of the plant dry. It happens mostly when you water fast and too much at once. What can be said that water slowly and make sure that it gets to the roots regardless of whether you are watering seedlings, houseplants, thirsty shrub trees, or a row of fresh tomatoes in your home garden? 

A tip here is to try the soil moisture test. For this, use a spade and push it into the soil near the plant. Then pull it back to see what the soil looks like. If it is moist to six and twelve inches depth, then it’s all good, but if it is dry, then water more.

Create a Handy Kit of the Right Garden Tools 

You can never become a pro at gardening if you don’t have access to the best, high quality, and the right tools. With the right tools, you can perform all gardening tasks with ease and get the best results. So, create a handy kit of the best tools, stop and shop at Eden Garden Equipment.

We have access to the most extensive range of garden tools and accessories to help you get started. Get the best tools and experience the real fun and joy of gardening at home on your own. Access to the right tools and knowledge about gardening and a pinch of passion is all it takes to reap the real benefits of gardening and have a beautiful lush green garden.